Monday, July 21, 2014

Wastin' away again in Margaritaville

Life has been busy. I finished up my last week of work. Although it was a bit of an emotional roller coaster, it was good. It felt good. Over the last few months, I've wondered how it would feel to leave the hospital - a job that I really really enjoyed for 5 years. I envisioned myself sobbing down the hallway, box of high heels in hand (those heels sat stagnant under my desk through 2 years of knee surgeries), as I walked through those malfunctioning automatic doors that always end up slamming you in the face....but, it wasn't like that. I definitely said a lot of good-byes, and some of them were emotional, but overall, I honestly just felt extremely lucky that I had the opportunity to work with so many awesome people. The night before my last day of work; however, I actually felt my heart hurting - or perhaps it was acid reflux? Nevertheless, the feeling eventually subsided. Despite the challenges I faced over the past few years, I will always look back on my time at the Victoria Hospital as some of the best years of my life - a time in my life where I learned the most about myself - who I am, and who I want to be. I know that I will continue to keep in touch with those work friends whom I've become close to, but, overall, it feels "right" to close that chapter.

My co-workers made me feel really special. Level 5 presented me with some beautiful roses, cake, and a lovely speech (why do people wait until you're leaving to tell you how much they appreciate you? - we should tell people everyday!) The therapies department had lunch catered in and threw a tropical themed going away party for me, which involved Margaritaville pina coladas, margaritas, daiquiris, and mojitos - sounds like a super idea until you wake up the next day feeling like someone's slammed a coconut over your head, and your tongue is coated with a hairy, unidentifiable substance. They also had a pirate piñata filled with booze (YES!!!), an unreal Cayman Island cake baked by the amazing, April (Why are there sharks circling the island?) and a very special book called, "I'm All About Fun." This book makes my heart soooo happy. Over the past few weeks, co-workers have been passing around this book and writing me farewell messages. I absolutely love this book. Reading the messages makes me laugh, cry, and feel incredibly special. I couldn't imagine a better gift and I know there will be some challenging times when this book will lift my spirits.
Beautiful roses - thanks Level 5!

Margarita Melissa - shake it up, girl
Reading "I'm all about fun"

This cake is epic...Thank you, April!

Pirate piñata - Arg matey!

It's now time to get to work and prepare for this move. I spent the day waiting on hold with every utility/cable/internet company to disconnect services. Shaw actually misunderstood me and disconnected my satellite this morning. I just about lost my shit when Ellen unexpectedly vanished from my TV screen. ACK!!!  My internet provider dude was so impressed with my new location that he stated, "That is the coolest place any of our disconnects have ever moved to!" To which I replied, "Do I get some sort of discount for that?" Haha.

Preparing our pets for this move is a whole other issue entirely. It is actually easier for me to work in the Cayman Islands than it is to import a small dog and cat. This has entailed numerous vet appointments, blood work, and certificates from the Department of Agriculture. Our poor cat, Biloxi, has been through this before with a move to the UK in 2007. That move, for the record, did NOT go well for Bilox. After a miscommunication with the vet, he ended up in quarantine at Heathrow Airport. Like a furry little criminal who smuggled in catnip, he was deemed, "A danger to the nation." Devastating. For this trip, the pets will be allowed as carry-on; however, the dog might have to cut weight here in the next few weeks. He appears to presently be 0.5lbs over Air Canada's guidelines. A haircut and solid bowel movement should take care of that. I figure Air Canada owes me one, anyway. After "losing" my call after 45 minutes on hold, I'll take my extra 0.5lbs of puppy as a consolation prize. Damn you, Air Canada.

In addition, I am also vigorously emailing our property manager in the Cayman Islands to inquire about properties. We intend to rent a 2 bedroom condo while we're on the island, and there is currently tons available, but I would feel more comfortable if we had something secured before our move. On the other hand, if we search upon our arrival, it would feel a little "House Hunters International-ish" and that could be pretty cool. "Did they choose the one with the view, the house on the hill, or the large condo with the pool?" Evan and I would look into each other's eyes and reply in unison (of course), "the one with the view!!" Hmm....that could make for fabulous blog material. I'm on the fence.

So things are busy and chaotic, and I really do need to keep my head clear and lay off the Margaritaville, but so far, so good.


  1. Wow! First time I have successfully posted a comment through my GOOGLE account. Love your blogs Kirstie and am so happy for your decision to make your adventure in life. Will be watching for your posts and blogs. Hope to see you before you go.

  2. Thanks Lani! Let's have a boat beer before I go!