Sunday, July 13, 2014

Like a mosquito in a nudist camp

As I wandered aimlessly behind the Nurses desk on level 5, completely overwhelmed, searching for a patient's chart, Dr F's  friendly South African accent commented, "Wow, you look like a mosquito in a nudist camp!"

Yes. Yes. Yes. That's EXACTLY how I feel.

Where do I begin?

OK. I have 1 week of work left at the hospital. We move to the Cayman Islands in 4 weeks. Our house (one of the very few structures I've ever become emotionally attached to) just sold on Friday. We have nowhere to live (YET) on the Cayman Islands. I will begin a brand new job as a Speech Pathologist in 6 weeks. I have 3 upcoming appointments with the vet to ensure the 700-ish pieces of paperwork to import my furry friends to the island are complete. We are actively "liquidating our assets" (Who wants a 52 inch TV? Anyone? I'll throw in a bar stool...anyone?) I will soon be saying goodbye to the people who mean the most to me in my life (although I completely expect that they will ALL visit us). And...I have a patient who needs a swallowing assessment ASAP and I cannot locate her chart!

If you happened to follow my last blog: you are aware that Evan and I made a big decision in May. I was offered a job as a Speech Pathologist in the Cayman Islands and we decided to jump at the opportunity and head out on a new adventure - it caused a bit of a stir amongst our family, friends, and co-workers. I think people who really know Evan and I "get it." Although the decision to move to a tropical island (sight unseen!), was a very difficult one to make, it totally made sense for us. Evan and I have been together for 17 years and with Ev's former career as a professional hockey player, we have lived in 18 different places around the world. We thrive on new adventure. It keeps us charged. It keeps us on our toes. We have been quietly strategizing a move like this for years whilst watching a bazillion episodes of "House Hunters International," so it totally made sense when this opportunity arose. People who don't know Evan and I well, on the other hand, don't always understand why we are doing this. And that's totally ok. To each his own. And, contrary to some of the rumours floating around, I am NOT leaving Evan, nor is the business bankrupt, nor am I pregnant with some incredibly hot neurosurgeon's baby (oh, wait, that was an episode of Grey's Anatomy). We are simply moving to the Cayman Islands because we want to. I know, boring, right? haha.
SOLD! Holy shit. 

So as I buzz around aimlessly trying to figure out which way is up, I'm attempting to soak up everyone and everything about my present life that is awesome - all the fabulous things I will miss terribly when we are gone. I find myself laughing with good friends and thinking, "I will miss her laugh" or taking a fantastic long shower in what I once considered my dream bathroom thinking, "I wonder if I will have good water pressure on the island?" I anticipate a tough week ahead, as I say farewell to my awesome co-workers and life as the "swallowing lady" (That's me!) at the Victoria Hospital. I'm also trying to visualize what our new life will look like, hoping that we will make friends and easily transition into life on a small tropical island. And every now and then I stop and think, "Holy Crap - I can't believe we're actually gonna do this. Are we nuts?!"

No stopping now. Bring it on.

Welcome to Making Waves - Kirstie's adventure in the Cayman Islands!

I will miss these lovely faces....

...and my buddy's laugh

...and my sister's smile
Just to name a few...

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